Excellence in healthcare

Welcome to Rivium Medical

About us

— "Our company at a glance"

Rivium Medical operates in strongly defined markets and concentrates primarily on the medical, pharmaceutical and the health care markets.

Partnerships have always been an important success factor in the rapid development of Rivium Medical and they are fundamentally important for the continued growth of the company.

The integrated approach between marketing and sales provides us with a competitive advantage to successfully commercialize products.

We also guide companies  through critical decision points, such as commercial strategy development, market and product assessments for business development opportunities and lifecycle planning.

Our objective is to provide our clients with superior business and marketing  management and other value added support services to give them a cost effective, flexible and streamlined process that will help them to extend the duration of for example a product life cycle or to maximize profits.

The value of our expertise is enhanced by our industry-focused approach that delivers business and market expertise, creates opportunities for resource sharing and facilitates the transfer of best practice worldwide.

Our Mission

— "Excellence in healthcare"

It is our mission to strive for “Excellence in health-care” by marketing pharmaceuticals and medical devices that deliver real benefits to patients economically.

To patients, we are committed to supplying products to the highest quality standards and to ensure that they are used appropriately to provide optimal benefit.

Our continuous commitment to develop, manufacture and market, innovative and high quality products, combined with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, is key to our international success.